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Friday The 13th Legend, Betsy Palmer Remembered

By David Zernhelt on 06/01/15 ; Updated on 06/03/15

Actress, Betsy Palmer, who starred as Mrs. Voorhees in Friday The 13th (1980), sadly passed away at the age of 88, on Friday, May 29th from natural causes. There was a tremendous outpour of sympathetic statements made by many Friday The 13th fans all over the social media networks on Sunday evening when the news about Palmer's death had surfaced.  In a statement by veteran makeup artist and special effects engineer, Tom Savini, Savini said : 

“I really felt a deep missing space created in my heart when i read that Betsy Palmer has died. She was a very special person. Her hugs, her kisses, her dirty stories, her honesty and most of all her genuine caring for others is what made her so special”.

Actor and musician, Ari Lehman also expressed his thoughts about Palmer's death in mentioning to fans, “Words cannot express the love and grace that Betsy Palmer bestowed upon the world with her smile, voice, charm, and beauty.  I will love and miss her forever".

Palmer's five-decade-long career included a stint as Wheel of Fortune's original letter turner, and a regular role as a panelist on the I've Got a Secret game show. She also contributed to NBC's The Today Show.

When the actress needed extra cash to purchase a new car, Palmer signed on to appear as camp cook Mrs. Voorhees in Friday the 13th (1980), and was convinced no one would see the cheesy slasher flick.  Palmer appeared in two of the franchise's twelve films.

Other film credits on Palmer's resume included, Queen Bee (1955), The Long Gray Line (1955), and The Tin Star (1957).  On TV, the actress was featured on Murder She Wrote, Knots Landing, Charles in Charge, and The Love Boat.  She most recently acted in 2007's Bell Witch : The Movie.

Veteran actress, Adrienne King, who was very close friends with the now late actress, Betsy Palmer typed this statement to her Facebook fans :

"Betsy Palmer was a pioneer in television besides, her incredible career as a stage and screen actress.  She will live on forever in our hearts and on the screen.  Rest in Peace, sweet Betsy.  We miss you so much".

I did write a Facebook post to King letting her know that all of us Friday fans love her and we are all here for her if she needs us.  The Camp Crystal Lake Diaries knows that Betsy Palmer lived a long and fruitful life and extends its deepest condolences to every fan who loved and admired her in Friday The 13th (1980).  She will always be remembered for her victories with Friday The 13th.

A producer who works for WFMZ, Channel 69 News, who's also a friend of mine named, Kevin Lechiski even extended his opinion about Palmer.  Lechiski wrote : 

"This is very sad news.  Betsy Palmer was the defining role with that entire series.  May she rest in peace". 

Palmer is survived by her daughter, Melissa Merendino. 

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