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The History Of The Camp Crystal Lake Diaries And Its Author, David Zernhelt

Author, David Zernhelt was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. His interest in the Friday The 13th films started back in 2007, when he wrote a Friday The 13th (1980), feature story for The Warren Reporter newspaper, which is distributed all throughout Warren County, New Jersey. Zernhelt has also written feature articles for The Press newspaper, which is distributed in Bangor, Pennsylvania and Blairstown, New Jersey.

The Camp Crystal Lake Diaries book series project was established in 2012. In March of 2014, Zernhelt released his first book with The Camp Crystal Lake Diaries book series titled, The Camp Crystal Lake Diaries : An Exploration Into Friday The 13th – Friday The 13th (1980). The book's forewords were by, Friday The 13th (1980), screenwriter, Victor Miller and famed veteran actress, Rutanya Alda.

The Camp Crystal Lake Diaries book series project has been featured in The Morning Call newspaper, The Press newspaper of Bangor, Pennsylvania and Blairstown, New Jersey, and The Warren Reporter newspaper of Warren County, New Jersey. It has also been featured on The Wolf Pack Podcast show called, Bloodbath Radio and on the Slasher Studios Podcast.

One of David Zernhelt's past newspaper articles he wrote, which was ran as a feature story, received special attention from President Barack Obama in late 2014. A signed letter from President Obama was sent to Zernhelt about his article.

David Zernhelt continues to focus on The Camp Crystal Lake Diaries book series project and new books in the future regarding other Friday The 13th film parts will eventually be published. Zernhelt lived in the state of New Jersey for about (7) years and has had a chance to explore all of the local history with the first Friday The 13th (1980) film, quite well.

Zernhelt knows that the Crystal Lake Memories book is an excellent and well made Friday The 13th film production history based book. However, Crystal Lake Memories doesn't contain “the complete history of the Friday The 13th films” that it advertises to fans within its subtitle.

When not writing, Zernhelt works doing all sorts of odd jobs and spends time with his girlfriend, Kelly and his son, Theo. Zernhelt and his family have (1) cat (Phia).

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